A Little Bit About Us and What We Do...

Welcome to the place where your pet can relax and play, a very unique and private get-away for your four-legged furry best friend. We at bid you a warm "Hello" and invite you to enter our world, a place warm and safe with lots of love, big furry tails and lots of warm noses. There is still a place where time stands still and the simple life still matters, where there is still a sense of adventure and a kind of wonder about life and those creatures sharing it with us.

We provide your pet's home away from home, it is our honor to provide comfortable lodging, lots of play-time, swimming, grooming and lots of love and hugs to your companion animal (dog, cat, bunny, bird....any creature that needs a vacation). We are located on five beautiful acres in Almaden Valley, complete with lots of trees, flowers, beautiful views and tons of space to stretch your legs. In addition to lodging for your best friend, we also offer a variety of training options, health programs, doggie day-camp, specailized grooming and socialization skill classes. The sky is the limit and we are always ready and able to work with you on any special needs or programs that you would like to develop for your best friend. 

So we invite you, and the ones you love (yes, all species) to come and visit us, take time to relax and share your ideas and smiles...........

Magic still happens......................... 

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A Pet's Paradise