We are delighted to be able to offer a wide variety of exercise options for any type of pet.

** We have large shaded and partially covered play-yards!! All of our guest are encouraged to run and play, or just relax. All canines will have personal time to themselves unless you wish them to participate in group play-time. A attendant is present at all times and there is a constant supply of clean, cold water available!!

** One of our favorite past-times is the swimming pool. Swimming is available for all of our doggie guests, any time of day they wish. All kids are taken to the pool individually, and, if they want, we will swim with them too!! The pool is constantly monitored for sanitary control and serviced weekly by a pool company.

** We also offer leash walks, for those guest who must have controlled exercise. Having 5 acres makes it possible for us to give your canine quite a work-out. This is great for pets recovering from injures or older pups who need a bit more moderation in their life.

** Your four-legged friend can speed things up with our bike riding program. We will teach your canine to jog next to us on leash while we ride our bike next to them. Perfect for show or performance dogs in order to maintain muscle tone and help keep active minds focused.

** All breeds are welcome, as well as those who are in need of extra special handling, we take the time to insure that everyone is comfortable.

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