It is thru the giving of the heart that inspires and enlightens all around us.   It is one of our greatest joys to be able to help special needs critters find the perfect family and order to blossom into their full potential.  


We work with several rescue groups and love being able to assist them with some of their more "unique" kids, those who have a extra fire and spark to them.  These fur-kids will need and require a special person or family and a very well structured home.  Discipline, structure, manners and consistent obedience will be needed at all times.  That said, they will make the most rewarding of family members, spectacular and decidely different.  





Rockey is a intelligent fellow with a bold and assertive personality.  A mixture of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Labrador Retriever, he features talents and strong traits of both of these working breeds.  He is a good size boy, approximately 80lbs, agile and fast, he is a fast learner and loves affection.  Rockey prefers the company of his master over other dogs, and will require consistent training and structure in order to maintain his manners around them.  He loves car rides, and hiking, as well as ice-cream...YES!!  that is his soft spot!    He is looking for a well structured home with a strong-willed master that will be comfortable setting boundaries and teaching and maintaining all times.  Rockey would excel in obedience and quite possibily tracking (he has a excellent nose and is very persistent).  He has a high prey drive, so a home with no cats, small animals or other dogs, would be the best fit.  With his master he is unwavering in his loyalty and extremely gentle, with time and guidance he will mature out into a very distinguished fellow.  Due to his need for supervision and his more strong-willed temperament, a home with no children would be necessary.  He is very healthy, no skin or digestive issues and he is a excellent eater. 









Charlie is one of the most unique fellows that I have had the opportunity to aquaint myelf with!    He is half working line German Shepherd and half Siberian Husky...WOW!!

Magnificent and majestic beyond words, he has the look of the Siberian Husky (color, structure) but, the attitude, actions and drive of a working line German Shepherd dog.  He is about 80 lbs, thick build, broad head, awesome curled tail!   For the right person, there is no finer working companion, not a pet, but a true, confident, intelligent partner who will only respect and understand a confident, structured master.

He is calm in the house, appreciating his creature comforts and peace and quiet.  However, rules, boundaries and manners must be set and enforced at all times, no exceptions.


 He needs to be the only dog in the children, cats, small animals or other exceptions. Due to his size and strength and highly assertive nature, he should be handled by a physically strong person.


All of that said ...he is a magnificent fellow!  He loves his backpack, he loves to play fetch.  He is quiet and relaxed in the house and is exceedingly loyal ( once bonded, it is for life for him he is a very serious fellow).  He is very healthy and a good eater, he does love to work in obedience and does have a good desire to please, very affectionate and attentive to his master.  He loves to be brushed.  For a person looking for a totally reliable, strong and intelligent working partner, there is no finer animal.  He also has a excellent nose and would excel in tracking, he could
even do Search and Rescue with just a small amount of effort!




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